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Don't care.

"Class, pleas welcome our new student. _____ __________." The teacher said, while you just standed awkardly infront of the class.
You had been accepted to the great Hope's Peak Academy, wich was a well-known school.
And how had you managed to get in that school? You were a straight A student, so you got a scholarship.Most of the people here were rich, or at least more than you.

"Hello. My name is ______ _________. If you have any questions for me pleas do ask." You bowed and saw many hands rise.

"Sayaka-chan." The teacher said. She got up. "Ah,yes.What music do you like?" The girl asked in a cheerful tone.

"Well I really like (Favorite gender)." You simply answered, she smiled and sat down.

"Chihiro-chan." A little girl got up,she looked really cute. "A-Ano, What kind of boys do you like?" She asked.

"W-Well," You though of it for some seconds. "I guess I don't mind, as long as he is interesting." You nodded.Chihiro sat down and smiled.

"Kiyotaka-kun." "Hai! Will you always respect the hall rules?" You were gonna laugh but he looked really serious.

"Of course!" You answered, he smiled and sat back down.

"Makoto-kun." "H-Hai. Have you ever been to another boarding school?"

"No, first time."

"Me too." He laughed and scratched the back of his neck.

"Aoi-chan." "Heeeeey! Do you like to swim? We have a pool!" She was waving her hands in the air."Asahina, speak slower." A big ¿girl? told her. "Sorry Sakura-chan." She smiled.

"I do like to swim."

They asked you some more questions until there was just one student that hadn't asked you anything.

"Togami-kun, won't you ask ______-san anything?" The teacher looked at a boy with blonde hair and glasses.
"Hm," He looked at you, it felt more as if he was trying to study you.It made a shiver run down my spine. "I don't think this girl has any interesting thing that I should know." Everybody stared at him, eyes wide open, then they looked at you and back at him.

The teacher sighed.  "Very well,then." He simply answered.
"Then _____-san pleas sit next to Makoto-kun, pleas raise your hand." The boy with brown hair and light grey-ish green eyes, raised his hand.

"Thanks Monobear-sensei." {By the way, imagine monobear as a person, not a bear.} You walked to your place, and got a notebook and a pen out.

The teacher had started to read something and told you all to listen, since it might be on the next exams.

"Hey, ____-chan," Somebody whispered,you looked beside and notice that Makoto was talking to you. "My name is Naegi Makoto,"

He smiled and took his hand out for you to shake it, wich you did. "Well you already know my name." You joked. "If you want, I could show you the school." Naegi offered. "Maybe tomorrow, today I want to check my room and get all my stuff ready." You told him, he said that then tomorrow, he would show you the school and you accepted.
"By the way," He smiled. "Yes?" "I think Togami-kun likes you?" He said.

"Eh?" Togami? He seemed rather cold torwards you.
"Hehe," He smiled. "I know he seems really cold,but, he was really nice with you.He didn't call you 'peasant' or 'idiot'," He told you, still smiling. "Do you like him?" Togami was in the seat infront of you so you were afraid he might hear you, you ripped a sheet of paper and wrote:

'He is handsome >////<'
Naegi just smiled and you both went back to hear the teacher.

-Time Skip-

You went to your room, wich was pretty big, maybe even bigger than your room back at your house.
You had already got all your stuff ready, and it was only 4 pm.
"Maybe I should have accepted Naegi-kun to show me the school today." You sighed and droped on your bed. "Ah...I'll go to the library." You got up and took your 'ElectroID'.
You walked through the corridors while checking it,this thing said a lot of stuff about you!

'Name: ______ _____________'
'Born on: [Month you were born] [Day you were born] [Yeard you were born].'
'Family: None. Death/Disappearing'

'"Ugh.Thanks for remembering me.'" You thought

'Favourite Colour: [F/C]'
'Favourite Food: [F/F]'
The ElectroID had a lot of things that were true.
It also contained a map, list of the other students, something were you could take notes and the rules.

You finally reached the library, slowly going inside.At first you didn't saw anybody, but as you went deeper you could hear somebody coming this way, it was really close and then.
-thump- Somebody had crashed against you, it was Touko Fukawa. "Hey are you alright?" You asked the girl, she sneezed and looked around. "Where am I? Eh...?" She got up and ran outside. "Hey! You left your-! ElectroID..." You sighed and took it, turning it on.
"Togami Byakuya?" This surely wasn't her ElectroID. But what should I do, I guess I should give it back to him.

"Togami Byakuya..." You sighed.Did you really had to give it back to him? He was not really nice, and what if he thought you stole it? ...In that case it would take a while to explain because, even you yourself didn't know how the other girl got it.

Anyway, you decided to give it back, so you walked deeper in the huge library. Shelfs full of books everywhere, it was really dark, there were few lamps in the tables and on the roof, but not too many. You saw more tables, and at the end of one he was there, reading a really thick book.

You just froze there, you were half-blocked of his vision by a book shelf. He looked...Handsome, calm, elegant, inteligent and not arrogant like in the class.
Even if he was sitting, you could see he was really tall, he was slim and was wearing a black suit with a white shirt underneath and had a green criss cross tie, wasn't he a little-too elegant for just being a student?

"Hey, Fukawa-peasant, are you stalking me again-" He looked up and stared at you. "It's just you." He closed his book, and straighten his glasses.

"I-I'm ______, we a-are in the same cl-clasroom," You got a little closer, watching your steps. "I know that, you are _____ __________.Got in the school by scholarship, straight A student." He looked at you. "You are not that Fukawa-idiot." He said her name with a disgusted tone. "I brought you this," You showed him the ElectroID. He took it and turned it on, staring at the screen. He got up and walked closer to you. "How did you got this?" He pointed a finger at you. "I-I found it on the floor, Fukawa-chan crashed with me and then said 'Where am I?' and ran away. I found the ElectroID on the floor." You explained.
He didn't say anything for some seconds, then placed the ElectroID in his pocket, "I belive that Syo-idiot stole this, I will give her a lesson." He left, without saying thank you, just walked out.

"Ah," You sighed, dropping on the floor. "He is not really nice," You gave a little giggle. "I can't belive he looks so handsome..."

What was it...That made him look so handsome? Eh?
Hello! Did you expect this story from me? No? Well expect more Byakuya Togami 'cause I love him X3 This will be a series, I will make more Byakuya Togami X Reader, so if you like him, then watch me!

THIS TAKES PLACE IN AN AU //Nobody is gonna die here.//
But I will make another Byakuya Togami X Reader in the original Danganronpa Universe.

Thanks for the Fave's
I love Comments!
Feedback is Awesome~!
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Wow! This story sounds interesting!!! Please continue this!!! I can't wait for the next chapter!
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hmm...not bad. however, i would refrain from inserting random japanese words like ano or baka in there, as what we are reading is supposed to be in english. japanese names or honorifics are fine.
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Thank you, I will take the advice.
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