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Mastermind!Byakuya TogamiXMastermind!Reader

I'll take the punishment for you.


"Wrong!" Monokuma shouted with joy.

"W-What?!" Most of your friends shouted. "B-But then, who i-is the Mastermind?" Naegi carefully asked.
Togami took some steps back and was about to talk but you didn’t let him, and instead you talked.

"Well~" You began as you saw how Togami just stared at you. "It seems my time to shine has come~!" You grinned madly and jumped over to where Monokuma was standing and took the sit he had previously taken. You picked Monokuma up and placed him in your lap.

"_____-chan," Asahina murmured, with eyes wide open. "_____-chan why?" Naegi managed to say. "You forgot about the truth, no, you didn’t want to see it."  
"Then," You said in a serious tone. You smiled and bursted into laughter. They all, aside from Togami who wouldn't look up, looked at you with shocked and scared faces. "Which would you like?" You now were completely serious, you looked around the room and your eyes stopped on Naegi. You took Monokuma from your lap and threw at Naegi. "Eh! What did I told you about doing damage to me!" Monokuma said to you. "I'm the Mastermind here so shut up!" You yelled. "Now Naegi-kun~ Since you are this school's Hope," You stood up. "Let's destroy this school's last Hope first! 'Cause you, the Ultimate Hope, couldn't save them. And now no one else can!" You smiled, enjoying maybe too much this, while all of their faces got even more filled with fear.
Naegi, took some steps back and fell to the floor, he moved backwards, his face completely pale. "___-_____-chan! Y-You can't  
do this! We're your friends!" He said, trying to convince you. "Upupupupu~ Friends? So people trying to kill each other are called friends~ Then, let me be friends with all of you!" You grinned. "Monokuma!" You called for him. "Eh? What?" He said.
"Bring Togami here." You commanded him. He pushed Togami on a chair, Togami shot Monokuma a glare. Monokuma grabbed the chair and placed it next to you. You looked at him and smiled.

"Now since Naegi-kun and Kirigiri-chan seem to be 'Best friends' let's have them take the same punishment~!" You pointed at both of them, and then pushed the button.


Naegi and Kirigiri were in a room filled with school desks. In the center is a large conveyor belt where two desks were located. You told them to sit, at which they said no and screamed, Naegi tried to tell you it was not too late to stop this.

"Upupupu~ You are wrong Naegi-kun," You took his hand. "I can't stop despair~ So I rather follow it." You pushed both of them to their sits.

It went backwards towards the end of the room, at the end of the conveyor belt there was a large block resembling a trash compactor that slams down every few seconds.

This was one of your favorites, the 'trash compactor' gave an instant and full of blood death, which was really nice to watch and almost painless to the one that was executed.

You signaled Monokuma to go. He, dressed as a teacher, was in front of both of them 'teaching' them, he was mostly showing them how it all worked, but you doubted they were hearing what he said.
Kirigiri kept looking back, also stealing gazes at you, you just smiled at her. "Enjoy Detention, Kirigiri."

Naegi looked for the last time at you, his scared expression never leaving his face.

-THUMP- It had finally fell over them, the blood of both of your friends spilling all over.

"Uh~! Wonderful! Bravo! I bet you all enjoyed Detention." You said towards the remaining students. "Then Togami~ Who should be next?" You asked the boy that was sitting next to you.
"..." He looked at you.
"Great then next one is Yasuhiro Hagakure!" You pointed at him, he took a step back.
"M-Me! But _____chi!!! You can't do this!" He yelled, in a fail attempt of you letting them go away. "Yes I can, and yes I will!" You smiled. "You are a fortune teller! You should have seen this, Super High-School Level Stupid!" You laughed. "Let's get this show on~!" You smiled and pressed the button.

-Quiz Time! I Heard There's a Chance of 30%!- Quiz Time! I Heard There's a Chance of 30%!-

"Welcome! To this Quiz Show! Let's call it the Quiz Show of Despair!" You announced, still sitting next to Togami. You got up and pointed at Yasuhiro. "I heard there´s a chance of 30%!" You smiled. "Now, our First and only contestant is Yasuhiro Hagakure!" You went closer to him, by doing so he took a step back. "Now, Yasuhiro-kun, you have 3 doors, A | B | C," You pointed at the doors. "Be careful, they might want to run." You winked at him and once again took your sit next to Togami, he raised a brow at you, but you just smiled and turned to see the show.

Hagakure tried to enter the 'A' door. The door grows hands and feet and escapes. 'B' does the same thing. Only door 'C' is left. Yasuhiro takes a step closer to the door, but it doesn't seem he's willing to open it. A mouth suddenly appears on the door and eats completely Yasuhiro.
You smile and look at Togami who just looks at the show with no expression.

"Well that went better than expected~" You told your friends. "Let's move to the next~ Which is..." You placed your finger under your chin, "Aoi Asahina, you will have the pleasure of feeling the despair of death!" You smiled, "___-_____-chan! Th-This isn't you...! What d-did Monokuma do to y-you?!" She yelled, tears escaping her eyes. "Monokuma you say? He didn't do anything~ Why are you giving all the credit to him?!" You faked a sad face. "Now, let's get this started."  You signaled Monokuma to press the button this time, he did it in a really nice and comic way.

¡Water Illusion Show!¡Water Illusion Show!¡Water Illusion Show!¡Water Illusion Show!

Asahina was put in a water tank. From above, Monokuma dressed as a magician appeared, and waved his staff, a red curtain falls, raising again with a drum roll. Many sharks could be seen in the tank, surrounding Asahina. Once again, Monokuma waves his staff and the curtain falls. As the drum rolls and the curtain rises, Asahina isn't in the tank anymore; some parts of her clothes are still there. I laugh and stand up. "I don't really like this one," I say. "I couldn't see her face!" I pout and laugh. "Now, our last contestant of the night." I point at Fukawa. "You, our Super High-School Level Literary Girl will now have the pleasure of feeling death." I smiled and laughed at her, she was scared. "Now, I'm surprised that you haven't fainted. I miss Syo~" You said with a sad face, that was almost immediately erased with a grin.

"Now, I want to have fun with you," You said as you walked closer to her. "And I want to see your face~" You stopped just a few steps away from her. "Monokuma!" You looked at him. "Hai, hai." He pressed the button."

~First Kiss Prank~ ~First Kiss Prank~ ~First Kiss Prank~

Fukawa was thrown out in complete darkness. In the distance Togami could be seen, so she began to run towards him and tried to reach him, she tried to jump and grab him, when a huge roller suddenly appeared between them. Although she desperately tried to escape, the roller caught up and flattened her completely, with a lot of blood starting to make a little pool around her dead body.

"Hahahahahaha!" You pointed at her body. "So good~! And a lot of blood~" You licked your lips.

"Hey, _____." Togami finally spoke. You went towards him, a smile on your face. "Yes?"

"Why didn't you tell them...I was also the Mastermind?" He looked at you, not showing any expression. Your smile became a little smaller, you sat next to him. "I didn't want them to hate you..." He looked at you. "I wanted you to remain as the arrogant, blunt, rich boy  that they met," You hugged him. "Not the one that made them kill each other. "You pecked him on the lips .He kissed you for some seconds and then gave you a small smile as he stood up, you followed him and grabbed his hand.

"I'll take the punishment for you." You told him.
Wooooo~ This has like... 1500 words!
I think this went really well~

Thanks for all the Fave's! I love comments! Thanks a lot for watching me!
Thanks for reading.
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